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Choose one and I can give you my address as a safe haven. 19You pick one and get out of here, its almost like you never actually lived here in the first place. You get out and head to the nearest city, one that fits your exact profile. You look at many different buildings looking for one that fits your requirements. Eventually you settle on a new home which you are currently in the process of moving in to. You leave your old apartment and walk to the address you were given. A man comes out holding a large pack and knocks on the door. You say I need to get out of the city soon. Good, Ill keep an eye out for you, Im sure you know the streets he says and leaves to go back to his home and head to work. You spend the rest of the day packing up and making sure everything is where it needs to be, before going to the address. As soon as you leave your apartment you notice that something is different with your house, it looks clean, new and shiny. But then everything looks different with Grace now that youve seen her. You spend half of the day running around the house looking for the safe haven and soon find it. Its inside a small room off on the left hand side of the house and to the right of the stairs. You head up the stairs and find a door that looks like it leads to a bedroom with a curtain hanging down. The room itself isnt too big so you head to the end of the room and find a narrow door that seems to lead inside a smaller room. You go through the door, which leads into a small bathroom with a sink and shower. Theres also a small cot on the left wall with various pillows and blankets on it, plus a small box on the floor with some personal items. You head back to the room to get out of sight. You get back out and head to the front room of the house and head to the back wall of the room to the right of the door you entered from and get a peek through the small window in the door. Inside you see a table with four chairs all around it, and in each chair you can see a book. You realize theres something different about this house now. Its like Grace isnt even staying here at all.

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