Farrah Abraham Claims Chrissy Teigen Lacks the ‘Mental Capability’ to Make Proper Apology

The ’16 and Pregnant’ alum admits that she will likely forgive the ‘Chrissy’s Court’ star’s past negative behavior and she wishes ‘the best for her and her family.’

AceShowbizFarrah Abraham has blasted Chrissy Teigen over her public apology or lack thereof for her cyberbullying scandal. In a new conversation, the “Teen Mom” star called out the wife of John Legend for her improper apology.

On Wednesday, June 16, the 30-year-old revealed that she “didn’t receive a public apology” from Chrissy. When asked by TMZ about her thoughts on the lengthy message posted by Chrissy to her Medium account, the “16 and Pregnant” alum said that the “Chrissy’s Court” star lacked the “emotional or mental capability at this time to apologize properly to anyone.”

“That’s not a proper apology,” Farrah pointed out. She added, “That’s saying, ‘I can’t handle what I’ve done and the damage I’m going to go take care of myself and my family’… well, I don’t ignore when I need to go and apologize to somebody.”

Farrah went on to advise that if Chrissy experienced some sort of “breakthrough” and “took the time to apologize to people,” she can become “the changed person she claims she is right now.” However, the “Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom” star stressed, “But [she] is not.”

Though so, Farrah admitted that the former “Lip Sync Battle” co-host shouldn’t be “canceled” for her past behavior. “Look, you can cancel events, you can cancel posting something, you can cancel a lot of things – but people shouldn’t be canceled, they need to be counseled,” the reality star explained.

She then pointed out, “They need mental help, they need to have breakthroughs.” She went on to claim, “I don’t want to cancel anyone. I just want people to get help and stop this suicidal depressive culture.”

When she was asked whether she forgives Chrissy or not, Farrah told the publication, “I think I’m so forgiving and I’m so nice. That’s what I’m also working on even when people hurt me.” She continued, “So, um, I guess I don’t be too nice to people who hurt you. I just wish the best for her and her family.”

Farrah also expressed regret that Chrissy was having her shows canceled since her past remarks resurfaced. She then said that she hopes this will be a “wake up call” for the “Cravings” author. “And I really hope that she has a good career in her future,” she added.

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