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The first issue you have is the first couple of names on the list are people with autism and the fact that they accomplished anything. Some of these people were mentally retarded, some were non-verbal, some were severely emotionally traumatized, some just had a lot of problems. As much as you hate the topic of being autistic in this book, the fact that you cant do anything you wanted to do and couldnt do anything you needed to do, is the first thing to bring you down. You are stuck in some kind of never-ending loop that never ends, because you cant do anything you want and you cant do anything you need to do. It gets worse when you see the end of the list and realize youre in the last page. You say out loud, What the fuck am I going to do now. You know you really shouldnt have been saying it, but you were. The list of celebrities with autism continues on to a few more names. These are names you recognize and have heard of, but they are just names of celebrities and not people. What the fuck, You say out loud again, What the fuck am I going to do with that shit. You knew how you felt about being on the list. The list reminded you of the list you were on, you dont have the power to do anything to the people on the list except not want to be there. You keep reading the list and the list becomes more and more mundane. Eventually you get to the last page and realize that youve been on the list forever. You are going to see if they remembered to write down who they are. You look down at the list and you see a number next to your name. You glance over at the last one on the list and see that its you. What the fuck, You continue, What the fuck am I supposed to do. You felt completely helpless in your lack of ability to do anything. In a sense, you were a victim of your circumstance, but you still felt like you were unable to do anything. You say out loud, Im not on a fucking list and I cant do anything I want. What the fuck am I still going to be doing in a few years after I die. You stop youre self and say, Im going to be dead. After you stopped yourself before you could say it, you said it again. Your mind is numb from not being able to do anything you wanted to do. The list brought you no joy, but you realize you would never have wanted anything to do with the list if not for the list. You think about your life and your potential.

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