Famous people leave their legacies even after their lives ceases…

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Htmlixzz2x3qC3vVdM You are a loser to humanity for allowing you to remain alive. And if you dont stop defending yourself, a bullet will be sent your way. I can t imagine you being a good example for little kids, not anymore when you are killing them. Youve gone too far; time to be merciful to this sick child. Ive always said you were a pathetic worthless little creep. You really thought that you could hide behind the wall of your mother. Youre a worthless worthless wretched loser who deserves to get burned. Well laugh at your pain when your soul burns. Youll think youre a hero when you die. And if youre lucky, they get to live a long life and die a happy death. THE ENDYou stand near the door with a pistol in hand. You run upstairs to the room You run to the living area and open the door and run upstairs. You take cover behind a bookcase and wait. As you wait you find yourself thinking that she must have left early, but then your own life enters your mind, and that makes it real. Youre out of a job, your mom has just died, youre not a virgin and your mom is gone. Youre also a loser, a pathetic loser who should not have left your house. Your moms death was a major blow to you, and youre very sad about it. You want to cry, but you hold it where you can because you remember the first words your moms first love ever taught you.

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