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Or of Ireland AN:This story will be told mostly from the first person from what I can tell. It will be up to your opinion where the story takes place. Feel free to go into the comments and tell me what you think the ending should be.

I am not a woman and I am not even a man. I, the reader, am just an idiotic old man, who has somehow obtained a lot of knowledge, which I find interesting. So, what do you think, about my story. Image copyright ReutersIn the immediate aftermath of the US election, the UKs referendum on whether to remain in the European Union and the Scottish independence referendum, there has been a lot of talk about a second wave of discontent in European countries at the prospect of immigration. In a Guardian opinion piece, the philosopher Slavoj Zizek has argued that the discontent in Europe might have roots in the post-modern era. He argues that in the last half century, the idea of deconstruction has been the dominant philosophical and intellectual movement. Deconstructionism argues that there is a degeneration in our understanding of the world and that this view of the world has been wrong for a long time. He continues: We should reject all these things. We can look at the world and we should find a new view. If we accept deconstructionism, then we reject the idea that truth is an object whose existence we can verify by a process of logic. Truth is the absence of truth, truth is the lack of truth. The idea of deconstructing Europe, says Professor Zizek, is an old one. In the 1960s, right after the war, there were various intellectuals – and certainly in France – who suggested or wrote books about the emergence of the second wave within Europe he says. They imagined this second wave would be like what happened in the first wave – that Europe was going to reject the idea that Europe is a thing that was created by someone and that it is based on a set of principles. In fact, the second wave has come to dominate the cultural, political and intellectual landscape of Europe and there is a sense to which this has been a positive thing. For, perhaps, what we are going through is the second stage in a process of decolonisation of Europe and this is something of a paradox and a problem and I think.

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