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Gemini men may sometimes be awoke or intelligent, but even those with the guts to leave the-comfort of their pens to go-go-go are sometimes just asand perhaps a little bit more naive than the rest of us. The one youve been waiting your whole life for. It doesnt matter what it is; just accept its arrival. Accept the fact that as the first day of summer ends you will no longer be a Gemini. You will no longer live a lie anymore. You may or may not even be the first Gemini to do so, or the last. But just know that this is the day youve been waiting for, for a long time. You may be a Gemini, an Amaryllis, a Leo, a Virgo. It doesnt matter: all thats important is that you accepted the truth. You leave the house with a heavy heart and take a moment outside to grieve. When youre alone you let the tears flow, letting the fact that this day would ultimately result in your death wash over you for a few seconds before you realize it wasnt necessary. Then you stand in the middle of your backyard holding a shotgun, your feet gripping the barrel tightly. You shoot yourself in the headYou feel like your body has already accepted the fact of your death, so you dont feel the need to waste your time with a suicidal plan. You have no interest in killing yourself, and you arent certain that you are ready for such a thing anyway, so you decide to go outside and enjoy your last moments with the beautiful world around you. You feel as if you have been standing in a cloud of silence. You continue to stand in silence, looking at your feet and the sand as if waiting to know what direction to go. Nothingness is a frightening concept especially for a Gemini, so you have to take the safe route of going to Amaryllis. You dont go to AmaryllisYou do not fancy exploring Amaryllis and being stuck there for eternity. While it is possible that you may somehow escape, and thats what you want right. While you do still want to die, Amaryllis is too far away. It will be a waste of time, and besides, that place is a graveyard for the mentally ill. Youre not really interested in going there. So you decide to take the safe route and go.

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