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A middle-aged woman in a long white dress with a long, flowing black hair with a fringe. And have you ever heard of the celebrity death toll. I think you should at least give me the name and location. Re a little wary at first, but eventually you give in and open up your laptop. S giving you and suddenly the pages become darker and black. Re in the basement of an old house, and in the room to your left you see a man in a lab coat, dressed in a rubber suit with glowing red eyes and several instruments attached to his body. M not even sure if I am a vampire. Ve only been back in the mortal world for about a year and a half. Kessel, but nobody ever calls me that. S not really my concern right now. T know any better, I might believe you were. D think you probably live in some rundown trailer park. The one with the broken down car in the driveway, I think.

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