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ContinueIt is not possible to be a man who does not have a sense of humor. T have time to be a cynic, but it never hurts to be a little pessimistic. S that the world always gets more difficult the older you get. This is probably why I spend more time with my grandchildren. So when I think back to my oldest granddaughter, Lauren, I think of all the things I wished for her when I was her age and about how hard I worked to achieve all those things. T imagine how hard it must be for you, Lauren, to come to grips with the reality of being an adult. As we walked up to the tee box, I could smell the fresh-squeezed orange juice. I knew that this was one of the most important things you ever bought yourself. You always made sure you picked up a six-pack. You had a lot on your mind today. You were upset that you had to go back to work right away after your long vacation. Lauren was upset that she had to come back to school, and you had to drive over to the city to meet your daughter. As we waited for our drives, I saw something in your eyes that I never saw in your eyes before. Something was going to happen today that would affect us both. Instead, she just continued to look off into the distance. M sorry, man, but I think something really interesting has happened on your block. You just stood there a little longer looking at her.

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