Famous Celebrity Co-Stars Who Actually Couldnt Stand Each Other…

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Dbeen The Hollywood Rivalry in the Newsroom, The Rivalry in Theater News. You can go on, but this post is getting quite long. One of the biggest changes in your life in a big way was your move to California. You are now living a simpler life and have to deal with it on a daily basis. While you may have avoided the troubles of celebrity and show biz drama, you have had to get used to it. You are just a regular person that has an interesting job that you enjoy. You are getting to do things that you never thought were possible when you were growing up. This week has been a rough one for you, though. The events that happened this week have been getting worse and now you have to work with these people again. Your coworker Jane has been acting strange lately and you know she was the one that broke up with you earlier this week. She is acting a little more distant lately and hasnt been talking to you that much lately. When you get home, your sister Paige calls you a few times. You assume that she is calling you to apologize for your sisters behavior but when you hang up she begins to threaten you. You know that Paige probably hasnt been getting along with her parents these past few months and since she cant get in touch with them, she is taking steps to communicate with you on your behalf. You call her bluffYou cant believe that Jane would make up something like that and have a coworker be so malicious because you just had to deal with getting dumped. Jane should know by now that she shouldnt threaten you like that especially when you know she actually doesnt have anything to do with this. However, if it was you that broke up with her, you would have to find out why the hell she did it so you can break up with her as well. You would probably just say that you broke up with her but in fact you werent because you were going through a tough time in your life at the time. Now that you are married and living in a bigger house, you have to know why she would have such a strange behavior. You tell Paige she will have to find out why Jane did it, if anything. The next day you get a visit from someone that you are familiar with. You cant believe that she would give you a personal visit, you were expecting her to ask you to do a story on you or something more serious like an article about your divorce. Marie is the type to do this since she is on another story as she said you didnt deserve such a visit from her.

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