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He said he would keep you up-to-date about his music and events. You can also see that some of the numbers have the same name. Youve never had any problems with the phone before and its not like you need a bunch of new contacts. Youre already in close contact with all of your old friends and theres even some.

Hes also been using this number since 1999 and never says hes gotten a single call, but hell probably be able to tell you for sure. Now that you know those three numbers, just do it. You continueYou continue to try to make your way through your head to figure out how to stop it. You continue to look for more information about what the hell this is all about. You check into Google, and as you look through the answers and the forums, the information is more or less the same. The government is keeping an eye on all this and can probably track your every move thanks to your location data, but there isnt any information on what it is that youre getting or when youre getting it. You decide that its better to try and figure out if you can stop it yourself. You take your car in for service and it turns out to have a GPS system, so you get into Google Maps and track your location. You start driving around your neighborhood, but the way is all off. You could be in the middle of nowhere, but youre not sure youre that far from home. It doesnt help that you cant stop the car. Youre starting to worry that your car might get found, so that puts you even further from home. Your phone is now completely useless, as you cant reach anyone on the other end of the line. You feel like youre in a bad movie where everyone around you is slowly going to die and youre just there to be killed off right and left. The closer you get to the end, the worse things are going to get. You pull up to your house, then back out of the driveway and drive all the way to it. You park on the street and get out your car. You open the drivers door and run up the stairs. You dont know where the hell you are, but you just know this is going wrong. You just hope it doesnt rain while youre out there in the middle of nowhere. You start your searchYou run around the house as fast and as hard as you can until you find your phone, then you pull up to your bedroom and phone. Theres not much else you can do about this, but you have to be here to stop it before it starts. You call a friend, then call your mom.

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