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INSIDER The New York Times reported yesterday on the fact that President Trump has reportedly requested, and been denied, a briefing on the Russia probe currently under way, because apparently he thinks he isnt being given enough information. The Times cites White House officials who deny this is true. So now the next question is: Is Donald Trump being honest about the need for such a briefing. The only thing that would certainly seem to support that this is indeed the case is that the president has been caught on tape bragging about groping women. So if Trump is under the impression, falsely, that the probe is getting too close for his liking, he might have a case. But lets take a look at all the facts first. The New York Times reported that Trump has for months now harbored doubts as to whether the investigation is getting enough attention, as well as expressed a desire to shut it down completely. His own communications director has also confirmed that Trump wants the investigation shut down completely. If there really is something that bothers Trump so much, as the Times and other outlets have said is the case, why not say so. Why not take the time to say he really doesnt like it and wants it shut down. If he really doesnt want that investigation to continue, he could easily do it himself. The fact that he has not done either suggests that there is something to Trumps complaints. It is hard to believe that he wants his presidency to be defined by his Twitter feed rather than anything he has really done to this point. Hes not denying anything hes said in privateThat brings us to this: Trump is denying what hes said in private. At a January 20 press conference, Trump told journalists that he had been under investigation for years and had personally asked James Comey to close it. When I decided to just do it, I said to myself, I said, you know, this Russia thing with Trump and Russia is a made-up story. Its an excuse by the Democrats for having lost an election that they should have easily won, he said. Now, the Times notes that Trump has denied this in public, and in writing, to Comey, and its true that its clear he was not under investigation. But this seems like a pretty strong denial of what he said in a private meeting with the man he was considering firing. If only because he canFinally, we cant overlook the matter of shuttering the investigation altogether because that seems to be Trumps real reason for wanting to shut it down. The Times report quoted a White House official who said that the president has real grievances about the Russia investigation and does not believe Comey has been forthright in telling the truth about his interactions.

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