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You start a new projectYouve been thinking about starting a new project. Since the first project was so well received you have been wondering if it would be possible to improve upon it further, the feedback has been great, but still there are some things which would help it to be better. The main idea of this project is to make these clothing items in such a way that they would look more realistic, have more pockets on them and be more practical in combat, however it has become apparent to you that this is going to be a long process and to take quite a lot of time. You continue working on the ProjectYour progress in getting more pockets on outfits has been slow, if you wanted to get these clothing items to be like in the game, you would need to spend a few hundred or several thousand of caps on outfits. Youve got enough caps where you can afford that, but it might get in the way of other projects you have going on and if your game doesnt get better, you may need to find another hobby to fill those pockets. You find another hobbyYour hobby of choice has always been the making of weapons, though you have been looking at various other things besides weapons. As you havent found anything youve found a new job. Youre no longer a Guns for Hire agent, since the company is now defunct. Youve found a new job, which is in the construction industry. Youve always wanted to be a builder, so youve been working on getting your skills up as fast as you can. Youll be working on the project Nuka World while youre doing this, but you still arent quite sure what youre going to be building, but its going to be a nice reward if you manage to finish it. Yeah, I think I got something that should do. You go over to the nearby vending machine, and start to scan the menu. This is your meal for today, take a bite, then lets head over somewhere else to eat. A few weeks pass and youre all ready and raring to go. You take your time while youre all waiting for lunch, while youre walking around Nuka World. So why did you decide to join us. I wanted to, but the owner wanted me to work on his other project. Well thats all the time I gotta spare, lets get to work.

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