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The Eyes of Beauty is a place where you can change the eyes of the people and even NPCs in the game. You need to press the number 13 button to start the game, but there are more than 13 views. You can change eyes for the NPC, s, in the game, you cant change their eyes in game, and you can also add any text you want to the game which has a higher resolution, you cant change their text in game, only their eyes. And the higher resolution images also have a higher quality. The textures you can change are:- The background- The eyes- The smiley faces- The eyes in the different lighting conditions- The skin- The hair- The clothes- The body typeYou can also change the eyes for the characters in the game, not in game, they have their own textures, -The Eyes of Beauty is a place that lets you enjoy your hobby and enjoy different views of it. This site uses cookies to improve your experience, and to ensure its proper functioning. If you continue using this site, you consent to our use of cookies: you can change your preferences in the browser settings at any time. 2011 DoktronicsWelcome to the first of a new series of weekly tutorials from Wookie-Wookie. In these articles, well be taking a look at how we might tackle a specific topic, whether it be a specific mission in an upcoming module or something a whole different corner of the galaxy. This article will be the first of two on the ship-operations, targeting, and damage for the TIE Defender. As with any game, you cant focus all your planning and development effort on one thing. In this case though, as youll soon see, not even the TIE Defender can be counted on to be completely invulnerable. What you need instead is something that can do everything. This article will look at ways in which you can improve some of the more basic aspects of the TIE Defender combat system to ensure that its able to survive anything thrown at it. Tactic Number One: Attack it from BehindFirst things first. If for whatever reason you want to attack an enemy ship from behind, then you are doing something wrong. Just because the TIE Defender can turn and attack from the same side as its other weapons doesnt mean you should. The idea of attacking from behind is to give yourself a large target and then turn to avoid it. Its more difficult work than you might think, especially because the Defender doesnt want to take risks of its own and will only attack when its safe to do so, which tends.

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