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You agree to joinYou: Alright, alright, Ill join. Caleb: Oh, alright, well give you a place to stay. Dont worry, Ill look after you. You: Okay, just let me check the room first then. Caleb, with an evil grin on his face, : Ahh, here we are. You: Hey Caleb, do you remember me from that time we had a class together. Caleb, surprised, : I dont think so. You: I just realized you dont look like the Caleb I remember. You: Well, you were pretty rad then. Hey, if you ever run into any trouble in the city, let me know. You: How the hell are you going to get me to do that. Besides, all you gotta do is say the word. I thought you were gonna go shopping. Caleb: Well, how am I supposed to look after you if I dont know where youve been. Caleb: Well, I dont wanna look after YOU forever. You Thats not the goddamn point, okay. I want to go meet up with some friends that were going to a party yesterday. I want to go find out whats going on with my cousin. My cousin doesnt live far from here and hell find me, its what I do.

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