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I was hoping that maybe Bite Beauty might suddenly return my order, but they didnt reply back and Im just getting pissed off. If they stop selling their shades, Ill just order from another brand. Also, can someone please help me figure out how to order this shade. You try calling themI cant even attempt to make a call to them. None of the numbers that I tried ring, even the phone number that showed up said its out of service. I checked my mailbox as well, and none of my recent emails work either. It seems like I should give up, but somehow, I dont think that will happen. My question is: How can I get in touch with the people that I want to see the shades of. You send an email to themIve sent an email to them, they probably wont be answering right away, but there will be some reply in the next couple days. Also, why arent you replying back to me. When you are responding back, can you tell me which shades are out of stock. I know Im a bit of an impatient person and if I was in your position, I would have probably given up a long time ago. Im just trying to figure out if I should give up or try and get in contact with you. Ive been meaning to do that for quite a while now. The problem is, I cant even get you any new shades, but maybe its not totally your fault. It must have been because I didnt order from you regularly for so long, which meant I didnt have your shade as their. And thats what Im really asking now:Do you remember the last time you got my shade. You noI dont remember you ordering it. Thats probably because I was looking for new shades, and in the meantime, youve got a ton of them. Thats why Im asking whether youve gotten my shade or not, so I can figure out which brand to order from now. I might have forgotten to buy some new shades from you in the past, because I also didnt order from you on a regular basis, and then I was just looking for new shades, maybe I missed you or something. You wont probably be able to help me out with this either way, but I would really appreciate it if you could at least tell me how to order it from the shade names. If I dont get any new information within a week, then I dont think Ill be able to make up my.

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