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The beauty and serenity of our people will never die. Oh the beauty of our people and their souls. You take the note and give it a brief glance. 240510 You take the note and give it a brief glance. You hold the envelope up to your head, and give the note a quick glance. You give the envelope a quick glance, and feel the excitement of an upcoming journey. You reach in your pocket and get out the ring, holding it just to your eye.

The beauty industry is like a beautiful woman; if you take the long way around and stare at her from behind you will never know what you are looking at. The beauty industry operates with an aura of mystery; the mystique is all ours, but the science behind it is not ours. So let us discover a little bit about ourselves, and by doing so, let us discover a little bit about our industry. You discover youre beautifulYouve lived through a lot of changes, and you are a very unique person, but you know that you are not special. You are just a regular little girl, and all of us, all women are beautiful. You are the woman that has just been told you are beautiful, but you know in your heart that you arent. You are special, you are unique, you are the epitome of every woman. Youre a teenager and the idea of growing old sucks. Your mom doesnt take you places, she gets upset when she is on a real vacation, and your dad is never around. Your life is kind of a boring routine, but sometimes you forget that your life might be boring. Life is all about getting up in the morning, taking a deep breath and going to the job that you have. Its a common routine, its just a question of whether or not you have a sense of purpose in your life. A couple of days ago you got a job working at a store that sells things you dont like, namely the things that people dont like. The manager of the store says her name is Ms. Merk and that she does all the boring stuff thats boring. You have no idea what that means, but you dont mind the boring stuff. Youre usually just doing the same thing over and over again and nothing ever changes. You wish there was something more you could do, but the world is so much duller, because its hard to find something to do in this dull world that hasnt already been done. But then there are times when you think about the things you would like to do to pass the time, and you think about something that you always wanted to do: You want to go outside and play. Its the one place where there is no one else, and there is nothing to do. You usually just run around a little and then hide under the blankets when you want to sleep. Theres nothing more to do except to play. It occurred to you that maybe going outside was going to be hard to do, because then you wouldnt feel bored anymore. As it is there is a big fence around the outside of the shop, and its hard to escape from.

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