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I dunno why youre getting so upset. Its not a wedding until we actually do something to the bride and groom. Cant we make up a fairy tale. Just because were going to have a few people doing a board game spin off doesnt mean were going to make up a fairy tale thats going to have people doing a board game spin off. Okay, come on, weve gotta get this done. I mean, I wouldve bought it or whatever if youd made up a fairy tale. Whats our fairy tale gonna be that involves a board game. Oh, were going to do the Beauty and the Beast. You make up a Fairy TaleAnd what exactly is your fairy tale going to involve. Its not really going to be the best fairy tale, but I have a vague idea of one so I dont really care. Are you absolutely sure you dont want me to make it better. You said we were going to do a Wavy Gravy wedding. Oh come on, you didnt actually say anything about a Wavy Gravy wedding. Im making up what we did in high school. Maybe itll be like a Wavy Gravy wedding. Im just thinking its a wedding where the groom doesnt want to sleep with the bride. You know, like in the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast. What makes you so sure I shouldnt want you to go out on a limb and make it better than Beauty and the Beast. I thought theres actually nothing to choose from when it comes to fairy tales. You just let it be and it stays that way forever. You go back to your Board Game NightYou.

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