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You dont watch GIPHYYou dont want to put yourself through it. You think of all the embarrassing pictures of yourself and the only ones that really make you laugh are your dog pictures. Theres no sense in wasting your time on something that may or may not work for you. You dont watch GIPHYOh yeah, youre a procrastinator. No matter how hard you try, you cannot get shit done. You watch The Twilight Zone, and then you go play games. You go read books on the Internet, and you go read comic books. You awakeYou wake up, and you are tired. This whole year has been a shitfest, and then some, but at least you have finally made progress on reaching adulthood. You remember when you had to go out from home and you had to go to some strange new place with new people and you always ended up getting hurt and scared. You go homeAfter a bit of a struggle, you succeed in getting a job at the local game store. Its kind of a mundane job, but you still manage to pay the bills with your gaming skills. You never forget that your goal is to become a real person, and then you will have your own place, and you can relax and live your life. And so, you are the quiet nerd, playing games on your computer until the morning. Next pageYou wake up to a nice warm bed. A familiar feeling rises up in you, and you sit up. Your living room, and your dining room are both dark. What would a nerd do with a dark living room. He would probably go to a bar, right. You walk into the kitchen and look around. You see all your dishes are there. He would probably go to a steakhouse, right. You walk into the living room, and you find a familiar couch. You lie down on it and rest your head on your good arm.

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