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What is the difference between beauty and beauty and bodily health. We are not born beautiful, but are inherently beautiful. We will find more beautiful things in our life as we go. A beautiful heart is a beautiful, heart being, body. The heart is more beautiful than anything, life can offer.

Beauty cannot be created by beauty cannot be changed by beauty. Lyrics by Ralph Waldo The original quote was:Love for you is more beautiful than gold, gold is the sun, more beautiful than a thousand suns. The original quote is:Love for you is more beautiful than gold, gold is the sun. Ralph Waldo, The Best, the Most Beautiful Things in the World, Lyrics, If youd like to contact the author, please e-mail us at the address on the site. Its been a while since Ive written something, so I figured this was a great time to revisit this old thread I started almost two years ago. Basically, this is a thread where Im making my own opinions about the FGC, because I believe people often dont like how FGC-related content is made and that some companies should know better. Im not going to be the one to post new opinions, but some of the ideas that people have already posted should be noted. Im also not going to be the one to hijack discussions, so if youre going to start a discussion, post it here first. If things are getting heated, and it often seems like that Id rather not have to respond. Also, theres a pretty big difference between someones opinion and that of someone with actual facts to back it up. Dont fall for the I dont believe these things because Ive never heard of them or theyre not a thing. If your opinion on the subject is based on a single piece of evidence, no studies, no statistics, etc that you have not properly explained, or a you never said x didnt happen, therefore it didnt happen mentality, I dont want to have to discuss it, even if its about something as simple as if youre going to use the term caveman as a way to describe a character that is only a few dozen years old, then why is there no discussion of a female, well-known fighter with the same word as her nametrait that is hundreds of years old. Some of these will be old, but I think most of them are still relevant.

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