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Com to make your very own custom lipstick. Bite Beautys New York City location, which is open seven days a week, boasts a wide selection of brands and has even created its own line of products called The Bite Collection. The location offers a wide selection of lipsticks, the most well-known of which includes brands like Nars and Urban Decay. We wanted to create a place that was a hub for both people who were interested in cosmetics and people who were interested in making their own, said Emily Blundell, the brands creative director for US marketing. The brand hopes to expand to other cities over the next two years, including San Francisco and Los Angeles. Blundell said Bite Beauty is still trying to figure out whether to sell in its locations or its Facebook page. Blundell said they also are looking into the idea of opening another location in the Bay Area in the coming months. Right now, theyre eyeing LA, New York City and San Francisco, although Blundell said only New York City has made a concrete proposal. Were very happy in New York City. Its just that New York City is like the center of the universe. So thats probably why we havent gotten a request out of the citys government, Blundell said. Its actually the same reason why we havent added any stores here in San Francisco: Were just not that popular there. The brand is still in the process of finding out why New York City isnt ready yet in terms of creating more jobs, while the idea of a Lip Lab isnt quite the same as an actual Lip Studio, Blundell said. But you know, thats still something we think about and were just going to see what happens, she said. The business is still very much a work in progress considering many employees havent had an actual salary for over a year. That, of course, means the company has to find new ways to be profitable. Its been really challenging, but not as challenging as I first thought, Blundell said. With a big part of being profitable being about paying its employees, the other issue for the NYC location is the recent change in the tax laws, which Blundell says doesnt allow the company to pay the same amount of tax to the city as it usually does. We pay sales tax, which is the highest state and local tax, but we dont pay that same amount of tax that other places do, so we get around that by getting rid of New York City as our source of sales tax, Blundell said.

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