EXCLUSIVE: Funko Releases H.E.R. Pop! and GOLD Figurines

H.E.R. can now sit a limited edition Funko Pop! made in her iconic image among her platinum plaques and Grammy trophies. The songstress is the latest recording artist to collaborate with the wildly popular collectible toy brand for a figurine commemorating one of the biggest moments in her career thus far.

For the unfamiliar, Funko is a leading pop culture lifestyle brand that designs, sources and distributes merchandise and collectibles based on some of the world’s most beloved media licenses. You’ve most likely seen your favorite movie, show, or artist immortalized with the head-heavy plastic Pop! figurines over the years.

Standing at 3.8 inches tall and arriving in a collectible Funko box, Pop! H.E.R. wears a sparkly, translucent purple jumpsuit topped with her signature dark shades round shades. If the look rings familiar, that’s because it’s exactly as seen in her 2019 Grammys performance. To top it all off, H.E.R. holds a clear-bodied electric guitar in her hands, mirroring the one she used to give a crowd-rocking performance of her smash hit single “Hard Place” during the live broadcast.

In addition to the traditional Pop! figurine, H.E.R. is also being immortalized with a new Funko GOLD™ premium vinyl figure as well. With more traditional proportions, the GOLD series figure shows the legendary R&B artist in the middle of delivering a powerhouse performance in her dazzling 2019 Grammy’s performance outfit.

Past Funko Pop! and Funko GOLD musician figures have included Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix, Andre 3000, Big Boi, Notorious B.I.G., Tupac Shakur, Prince, and many more. You can order your very own H.E.R. Funko figurine exclusively HERE.

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