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S the nature of a blogger being a bit of a jackass, but. Ve just been thinking about it a lot lately. T know if shit is going to get any worse. Ve been keeping it very interesting these days with all this shit going on. Bobby says as he opens the door, which is still ajar. You can see a few police cars in the distance. A truck pulls up to the drive way and a man gets out. S a little older but looks more like a construction worker than a policeman. These fucks were pissing me off. The man gets back in the truck and parks it in the foyer. He then gets back out and walks slowly to the back door. Once inside he opens the door and walks slowly to the small table where his wife is busy flipping pancakes. She looks up from her pancakes when she sees the man. She asks nervously, taking a bite out of her pancakes. The pancakes are still warm and she quickly eats them off of the plate before responding. The man seems a little intimidated by your answer though as he closes his eyes and leans back in his chair. You say and walk over to the table with Bobby. The man sees you and looks you up and down.

This article about Celebrities having sex