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The show will likely start airing sometime in the spring of 2018. The trailer did include a bit about Emma Watson as Belle, and while it doesnt reveal much it does give you some idea how she will be portrayed. Does the trailer indicate that Belle is going to be a Belle from the movie Beauty and the Beast in some minor way. It is rumored that this movie is going to finally give us an official name for the mysterious Beast. Since the trailer looks like it will be focusing on one of the main players, could that mean that Belle will be a minor character in this movie. If true, this should be a huge step towards a real Beauty and the Beast movie. While its unlikely that this movie will be as good as the original Beauty and the Beast, it will at least give us a more traditional Disney movie with an actual love story. It would also be a nice break from the Beauty and the Beast movie that was made to be a MOVIE. The new film would at least be a film with a story of its own, not just a bunch of characters interacting with each other. Would you like to see Emma Watson reprise her role as Belle in a Disney movie. Would you like to see a normal live-action movie, Beauty and the Beast or a sequel to the movie from a few years ago. Share your thoughts in the comment section below. The New England Patriots are the team to watch in the Eastern Conference. This will be the third year in a row that they have been the conferences top dogs, but the latest data from Bovada. New England is at the top of the heap with the best odds at 72 to win the Super Bowl. The second-place team in the east is the Atlanta Falcons with odds of 61. The Green Bay Packers have the biggest decrease from their Super Bowl odds last year, 112 to 31 and the third-place New York Giants are at the bottom of the list with odds of 51. The Patriots have won it all the last three years. The question is: How long can Tom Brady continue to lead them. He turns 39 in February, and according to NFL stats, the last quarterback in his age-35 to 35 seasons to complete a season with a. 660 winning percentage was Kerry Collins in 2010 with the Buffalo Bills. In the playoffs, Collins led the Packers to the NFC Championship Game in 2011.

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