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T know where the hell that man was hiding, you do you. Ve got a bunch of criminals hiding out at a tavern, no big deal right. T need a lot of persuasion to get them to agree to just come with us. M pretty confident in my own defense. A little laterYou get a knock on the door, and seeing no obvious way out you open the door and its Metus. Re wearing some pretty tight clothing. Metus says, getting closer to your door. T know how much I need money to go to New Haven. Re dressed in pretty skimpy clothing too. Metus smirks and walks in a little further into the tavern while still keeping a respectful distance. Metus laughs loudly and then grabs you by the arm and is pulling you further into the tavern. You feel a sharp pain in your hand as Metus is yanking harder and you attempt to push him away. Metus shouts and then grabs you by the hair and lifts you above head for a quick little kiss. You bite on the side of his neck before he releases you and you fall to the floor. He then pulls you by the hair once more and then puts you through the door opening, before dropping you inside your home. I heard about the raiders that tried to break into the city and how you saved it. S a real credit to your skills as a leader.

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