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When the band firstentered the public awareness, they were known as the one of the most notorious musicians on the planet. And that turning point became the bands biggest success in their decade of existence. As a matter of fact the band, in fact, is famous for their silly-sounding songs and songs about nothing butabout girls. But they are also famous not only for being the onlyonly North Korean-born band that has a female vocalist. But the band itself, however,is no ordinary band. They are the only North-Korean-founded band that has also sported the title of The Most Famous Band in the World. In fact, according to the bands manageradvisor, his band is the only one that has been so ever since they were formed. However, as I said, the band is not a very interesting one when it comes to their music. It is just a bunch of songs about girls, almost like a jingle. And as I mentioned before, they are the only North-Korean-founded band that has sported the title of Most Famous Band in the World. As for their bands music, I find that their music is quite bland. It is somewhat slow, and sometimes even kinda boring. However, the moranbong band is not known for its music alone. That would be exaggeration, but I will not say nothing else. They are also famous for their big breasts, and a group of them. What is strange about the group of big tits is that not only are they quite large, but they also seem to be very well-endowed. Of course, Im not talking about their boobs. Im talking about their ass and their face as well. A man could get up close to those boobs and just be caught by surprise. It is like I said, I do not find anything bad about the band. But as I said, Im not too familiar with their music.

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