Every celebrity whos spoken about fillers in the past, including Katy Perry, …

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I wasnt thelast, thats forknow, and, Ill be, readyas soonYou finish up your drink in a matter of minutes, and then you go home. You figure you can go to sleep if you need to, and you actually have the rest of the night to plan out your next move. You grab some of your stuff from your room and head on up to your bedroom. You grab your bag and see that youre not missing much, but you do see a few things missing and take some time to get rid of them. M just going to throw them in the hamper. Some time passes while you throw out your clothes, and as youre going through them and checking out your legs and making sure you got everything, you do come across some new ones and you put it in your pile. You take one last look at your bag before shutting it and heading to bed. You sleep for a couple hours until you hear a knock on the door. Sorry to disturb you, I just wanted to know, is everything okay. I mean it was kind of a surprise you were here tonight. T sleep so I just got up to use the bathroom. Okay, I just wanted to know if you and I could talk about a bit. Re busy being a celebrity right now; you probably have a lot to say to me. You almost look at the ground before answering.

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