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The weekend weekendsA beginning of September through the endOfOctober 2018. The room is not that much cheaperA few minutes later, another email arrives. Im sorry I cant take you with me. Thank you again for looking out for me. And another email arrives a bit later:Hello again,I am checking out of the hotel room. And I will visit you once again in the near future. I hope we can see each other sooner than later. I just checked in a few minutes ago and am leaving now. I just hope this place isnt too full of tourists and that I dont have to wait too long for my rental car since I am so eager to be on my way home. As always, I am very sorry that we cant take you with us. But if you could look out for the parking space next to us and the one right next to the elevators, then I will be fine on my way. I look forward to seeing you soon again. Love,JohnA few minutes later, another email arrives. I am sorry for the inconvenience that I cant take you with me. But I will look out for the space on the left as you walk towards the elevator. It should be free after everyone gets theirs. Love,AliciaWell, it was all a bit out of the ordinary, but I didnt really have a choice. This place was looking for a new roommate and I didnt really want to move. Plus, I really enjoyed my time there. I went to classes and I even met a guy I ended up getting to know. As I said, I was so glad to see you again.

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