Evan Rachel Wood Discusses Being a 'Single' Mom to Her Son With Jamie Bell: 'I Don't Get a Thank You'

While actor Evan Rachel Wood is known for roles in projects like Westworld and her journey to change domestic abuse laws in California, she’s begun to share other parts of her life, too. The star has a child, Jack, with her ex-husband, actor Jamie Bell. Despite her active social media presence, she’s very private about her son. Although Wood doesn’t post pics of her kid, she did reveal the difficulties of solo motherhood in a 2022 Mother’s Day post. 

Evan Rachel Wood recently posted about her son on Instagram 

Evan Rachel Wood and Jack’s father, Jamie Bell, aren’t together anymore. According to ET Online, Jamie and Wood were married for two years, between 2012 and 2014. The two fought it out in family court over custody of Jack, according to The Cut. As of 2017, Jamie claimed that he and Wood were co-parenting well. He’s now married to actor Kate Mara. 

Unfortunately, Wood’s outing of her abuser, Marilyn Manson, has affected her son. Manson fans have sent her multiple death threats, and she’s often feared for her and her son’s safety. The validity of the threats came up in Wood’s custody hearings. She claims Bell isn’t supportive of her journey to get justice for her abuse. Wood told The Cut that she’s spent thousands on extra security measures, including bulletproof glass, to protect herself and Jack. 

Even though motherhood has been hard for Wood, especially after naming her abuser, Wood wouldn’t change it for the world. 

Wood claims that motherhood saved her 

Wood’s post continued. “I am almost 9 years Into motherhood, and it has been the hardest thing I have ever and will ever do, but it also saved my life and taught me more than I could have ever imagined,” she wrote. Although motherhood has been hard, Wood is still happy to have her son. 

In her interview in The Cut, the actor shares that, in some ways, her son has seen her change thanks to her journey to get justice for her abuse. Wood says at one point, after the social media post that finally named Manson, Jack asked his mother, “Why are you acting so weird?” Wood claims she replied, “Because I’m free. You’ve just never seen me not have this on my back.”

Wood wrote in her letter to herself that she’s happy she’s been able to be a model for her son. “Thank you for always working on yourself so they don’t have to inherit all your demons,” she wrote to herself. “Thank you for modeling resilience and self-care.”

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