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We, Europeans need to adopt a more Western look inorder to get moved. The first thing youve decided the entire trip is going to be about is that your visit to Europe was a good idea. Youre a little embarrassed by you thought process to that point. The second thing is that you dont like the idea that youve done a good job at being the western type. The third thing is that you hate the idea in fact. The fact that you dont know how to do anything that you started out so proud of. You had the attitude that you could do anything, that you were in the best position to do anything. You were wrong about that and youve come to a horrible realization over the years since. The fourth thing is that you have the most fun doing the things youre the least proud of. The fact that youre not sure if you could do anything worth doing in this world is irrelevant to you. You did it anyway and now you have to get back home. The fifth thing is that you wont be leaving in a big crowd so youre going to do this your way. Youll wear clothes that arent from the same stores they are. Itll be more important that you have the right look than that youre in a crowd and as the old expression goes, you dont have to feel stupid doing it your way. The sixth thing is that you should wear clothes with a European feel. That way you can be in a place where you can pick up street signs and know what the names of the towns are. The seventh thing is that you should go with a group and not alone. Even if they are all right with you, they still have their own individual personalities and its more interesting to socialize in a group rather than by yourself. Lastly, I thought about this for days and decided to do it this way because every time I got on a plane, Id be thinking about how I was going to ruin my trip and this was my chance to do it on my own terms. The idea that youve made a decision, that youve made a list and youre ready to take action is enough for you. The more you start going through it, the more you feel like your plan is going to work. The more you think about it, the more you realize that its a stupid idea. The idea that you dont feel like you have anything to contribute to this idea is bad enough, but.

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