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Not just with a girl that was just born and raised in a more beautiful place. The sun must be looking through our clouds or whatever the fuck that s the point of that. Its the most beautiful picture we can glean from an infinite amount of information. Youve had the occasional conversation with the locals about anything besides sports. This is your first time on an island where youre definitely on the bottom rung. Youre on an island thats inhabited by people who are obviously in a different time period than you. At first youre not sure what to expect, but the people are kind. In fact, theyre a lot nicer than the people you encounter in your time. Its nice to talk to people on a more human level. It makes you want to connect with the people on a personal level. In fact, you want to just be on the island all the time. You cant just go around engaging in conversation with everyone. Youre a little afraid of being judged or something. However, after seeing that the islanders are accepting of you and youre comfortable enough to do so, you decide to open your mind a little and you begin to talk to everyone. You meet another person who also wanders around these parts and he isnt as friendly as you are. Most of the people here are either in a more traditional fashion or a less conventional fashion. The island is like a small town with lots of small shops. It would be really interesting to have a job in one of the shops on the island. You wouldnt need to travel as far, or at least youd be able to do it more easily because youd know everything about the place. You also learn that the islander culture is somewhat older and more traditional than the other cultures on the island. They wear long pants and long coats when its cold out. It would be nice, though, to wear more comfortable clothes like jeans and t-shirts. You also decide to try the island as a date night. This means youre going to need to meet up with these people. Youre going to need to find someone to meet up with first. You decide to go to the islanders shop for a little while and see if someone will be willing to meet you. You head to the islanders shopIts not like you have a lot of alternatives.

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