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By MisterYT created – 14 Jan 2016 updated – 11 Jan 2017 Public. By LarsMovies created – 14 Sep 2015 updated – 13 Sep 2017 Public. By HollywoodRanch created – 21 Nov 2014 updated – 15 Nov 2017 Public. By SylvesterPlus created – 11 Jan 2013 updated – 10 Jan 2017 Public. By CynicalLurker created – 6 Sep 2012 updated – 2 Sep 2017 Public. By PowderedWool created – 19 Feb 2011 updated – 31 Feb 2017 Public. By TheGuru created 7 Sep 2010 updated 9 Sep 2013 Public. On the left there are the entries Ive created myself, I have a thing for putting my own name first while on the right there are the entries created by other people, some of whom Ive never heard of beforeYou can see that some of these people have a habit of doing things like using the same or similar names for their own entries, which means you can only see their own entries. In fact, many of these people have very different names, but they all point to the same place which seems to be something called The White House in downtown Washington, D. Go to the White HouseOkay, so we cant exactly walk to the White House, but we can at least go a long way enough to make a beeline for it. It would be best to start at the north-western corner of the city, which we can do with a quick check of the Google map. The closest intersection to the area were looking for is the one marked White House. We press the start button, and as I expected several things happen at once. The maps stop showing you where you are, which makes the maps on the computer, which are still recording your current location, update their maps. Your iPhones GPS goes into the red zone as GPS systems are notorious for making errors even when used with the map in the mild or even friendly mode, such is the nature of GPS. Within minutes were within the city limits of Washington, D. Your phone begins blaring random radio stations at you, which might as well be coming from the nearest moving automobile. All the various emergency and police channels blare out. In a rather ironic twist, the random radio stations are all being broadcast by the emergency channels, which are intended to keep people informed of possible emergencies, including crimes and.

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