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IrelandThe New National Labor Relations Board, NLRB, is a Frankenstein monster created by Barack Obama and the unions as a way of controlling the labor market, to the benefit of the unions and their funders. One of the only things good about the board is that it has made it more difficult for employers to fire workers. However, it has done nothing to make the economy more efficient, as the New NLRB has done. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate is down to 7 percent. The New NLRB is in danger of becoming a relic of a bygone era. It could be shut down in a matter the time it takes for one lawsuit to be filed. The Obama administration is also in the process of changing the nations voting laws. By suppressing the votes of some groups, particularly African-Americans and the poor, the board and the administration will probably get what they want. I know the public has a hard time believing this, but the New NLRB might be a good thing. In the past, people thought the National Labor Relations Board, NLRB, was like the secret government that was out to get them. Now, I think they just dont realize that government is not the way, but a result of peoples consent to their governance. President Ronald Reagan, DecemThe NLRB is a joke. While the board is in an effort to give the impression that it is trying to protect American jobs and increase efficiency, it does neither. It is not the most efficient way, but if it did not exist, the employers and their unions would find other ways to fire workers. The NLRB may keep down the unemployment rate, but in reality, it is making it more difficult for people to find work. As the New NLRB has made it more difficult for employers to fire people, the work force has shrunk. This means fewer jobs, which means less consumer spending and higher interest rates because the lenders are going to have to take more risk in the economy. The banks and insurance companies are also going to have to cut back on their activities. The Obama administrations idea of being more consumer friendly should not be taken literally. However, if the unemployment rate were not down, the NLRB might just be a political tool in a battle between Democrats and Republicans. The only benefit is that the government may be able to have a bigger influence in the economy. Unfortunately, that benefit is at the expense of American workers and the economy. The administration may have made an attempt at getting out of the business of nationalizing industries that employ Americans, but the only difference is they are now going to have to compete for.

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