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Its just that its your sister and you just dont want her to go through with it. You didnt really mean to say that stuff to her, you swear. Shes just a little girl and that sort of thing just wont work on her. Just as youre starting to relax a little bit, you see a group of rednecks driving up in a pick up. I gotta say, you seem pretty tough to me. I saw the way you were chasing those bastards away. Then, one of the guys pulls out a pistol and aims at you. You take a shot at himYou cant believe this. The next time he pulls out a pistol he shoots you in the chest. Then, you go to the hospital where your sister is still unconscious. You make a full recovery, though youre still having a hard time with the grief. Sometimes you wish you could just forget about it all, but it just never goes away. You just cant stop thinking about the loss of your little sister. Part 4Its been a few years now since your sister died and youve kept on the path of what you wanted to accomplish in life. Youve never been one to quit, so youre starting to feel a little pressure to succeed and just make it. Of course, you dont have the same kind of support that your sister had when she was alive. Your parents arent around to keep you on your toes like they did. Your sister didnt have that kind of family either. Still, youre going to keep going with what youve set out to do. You dont have anyone to help you out, but you know you could rely on your wit and charisma. You dont think youd make it through this day, so you plan to take her advice and just enjoy each moment. Maybe youll go on a date with that one girl that youve been hearing about the most. Youve always had a knack for talking to people and youre feeling optimistic about your prospects for the future. You spend the day walking around trying to enjoy life as much as you can, occasionally stopping to read one of the many books that you see on the streets. No sooner have you finished reading one book.

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