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You do however find a book, which is written mostly in a language you cant read. The book is written in a language that seems to be some sort of old tongue created by a race called the Dothraki. You continue to search for somethingYou read more of the book. S pretty hard to find anything in this thing. Re not quite sure what to do now though. You go back to the room and tell the maid you want it searched. When you leave the room, she tells you that the people in the room have been going through the things you have brought to the palace and are sorting them out. S better to read the letter from the beginning rather than waiting to see if the people at the palace can find something for you. When you are done reading the letter, you are feeling very bad. Ll probably never be allowed to see the Queen again. Re too busy thinking about your family and what you are going to do the next time you see her. When you finally fall asleep you have a lot of trouble concentrating and not falling asleep, but you eventually do so and you sleep tight and sound. The world around you more clearly and this world is much less dark. It is just as you left it after you woke up from your naps. You think you are very tired and just want to sleep again, but a thought comes to you, the place that the letter was sent from was much darker than the other worlds in the palace, maybe something was wrong with the place where you were before. You feel around the palace with your mind. T take long before you find a place where you can feel normal again. It seems you have somehow modified your body to be able to travel between these different worlds. You are still able to read the books that you have brought along in each world since you feel as if you are reading them directly from the book rather than looking at the page. After you are done exploring the palace you decide to sleep.

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