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John Gataway is an Extrovert, Gataway was an Actor, Gataway was a Comedian, Gataway was a Musician, Gataway was an Actor and a Comedian, John Gataway is An Extrovert, Gataway is INFP, And AFFPYou look at yourself and realize you havent been looking in the mirror in days. Youre beginning to wonder if you should call back John at all. Maybe you should just leave it at one day. Your heart sinks when you realize that you dont have a car, so you probably wont be able to make it that day. You dont call back JohnMaybe you shouldnt call John. You call after you walk for a bit. His shoulder doesnt move and you can feel the emptiness in his eyes. Hes going to leave on his bike, and youll never see him again. No, he says, and then pulls out of the alley. When he gets on his bike theres no feeling of camaraderie. You see him againYou have to know whats up with him. You turn on your phone and call to make sure your sister has received your call. She answers, after her roommate goes to the door. I didnt expect to see you, she says, sounding a little off balance. Ill probably be home before you get to the store. I was starting to worry there might have been some delay with our order. Dont worry, though, Ill just be a minute longer. So do you have a house to come back to. The car wont be ready in time for us to get home, but we can drive back.

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