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The students who pass their classification are included in our beauty contest this year. You wait patiently for the students to arrive, but it seems youll have to wait even longer. You find the students at the beauty salon, including one who looks like a girl your age. You look up from your magazine and look to see the beautiful blonde standing behind the beauty salon counter making small talk. She waves a hand waving at a few of the other students that are nearby, none of them paying any attention to her. You turn back to your topic and say, So, I didnt get a good impression from the ad. You can feel your face flush. You were hoping that no one would notice the flutter on your skirt, though you did not expect to be called out on it. Im a bit shy, but I dont usually hide things about myself from others. I know other people come in here who like to look at themselves in the mirrors. As a compliment, you guess, though youre not sure why you would, No, that wasnt what I meant. Oh, so youre a girl like everybody else. Im not a girl, but Ive noticed that the girls here are always talking about themselves as if theyre some kind of super models. I mean if you were talking about yourself, youd probably mention that youre a journalist. And whats a journalist but a person who writes about themselves. You think its so odd that Im talking to myself and pretending to be somebody else in a way. So if it makes you feel any better, Im not a girl. You feel like youre being insulted. Maybe you are a girl, but she is not a girl, so this flirting is somehow somehow coming off as sexual harassment to you. You should come in, you know what would be nice. A beauty school is meant to make people feel beautiful. It could make you feel beautiful, but it sure as hell wont do it for you. If a woman can feel beautiful by merely walking into a beauty salon, then anyone can. Now come on, you dont want to come in do you, if I gave you free beauty treatments.

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