Emma Watson Sings as Belle in a Beauty and the Beast First Listen…

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You are so confused by all this that you actually forget that youre in a room with people you dont know for almost fifteen minutes. Eventually the door opens and you are ushered in to the Directors private office. You find your new superior in a chair in the middle of the room. His eyes are hooded and you assume he is blind. Kavanagh, I dont think we should be filming in here. It is a very important and private area, the Director says. Do you have anyone there that it could be a problem to us. Then why are you putting the blinds down in the front. Kavanagh, I have tried to ensure that this is a place where people can come and feel secure without the stress of watching someone they dont know perform a task. Let alone one they dont know very much about. Director, this is the first time that anyone has come to the lab for help on these modifications and we are not even being allowed to screen them. You have no reason to worry about what we think about you, I mean we dont even know if these people have the capability to complete their task. I just want you to let us know if someone is going to threaten us or try to take advantage of us. I think I might be able to tell if someone who might be dangerous, the Director says. I dont know why I ever thought this would be such a good idea. Im sure you realize what this is all leading to. Our goal is to make all new species that can be made. I would feel a great loss if we lost these experiments. We would have to go to all this trouble to make one creature, but we could make many, that is the whole purpose of this experiment. I believe our partnership could make things easier if we didnt have to worry about all this. Now we need to get you to the lab and you are going to have to strip naked and be in a position that we can access you from. Good, I have already told the guard I understand we are going to be stripped naked.

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