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Review by Devin Chamberlain This magnificent film with classic-musical syntax is a gloriously epic musical with classic-musical syntax. Rotten Tomatoes rating for Beauty and the Beast:The following information was contributed by MovieBob. For more from MovieBob, check out Intermission, MovieBob Movie Blog and MovieBob TV. For the most part, Beauty and the Beast seems to have been well-received by critics when it was released. The movie has a rating of 92 based on over 100 reviews, making it one of the most-loved Disney releases of the year. The Lion King was 90 liked The movies score was mostly in the A-range, and the movie was considered one of the studios brighter releases of the year. Overall, the movie does not seem to have too many faults, as that score seems to be more based on how the movie is received by fans than by critics. The positive reviews are the most positive, and the negative reviews are most negative. A movies reputation is partly based on its fanbase, and that is usually more forgiving of flaws than critics, myself included. The biggest flaw for critics was the Disney musical aspect of the movie. There were a couple of scenes in the movie that seemed to be trying to replicate the song and dance numbers from the Disney musical, but they didnt quite hit the mark. This might be due to the fact that even when Walt Disney was making these films for silent audiences, he would occasionally hire people to dress up in the clothes and make up of the characters. The first three Pirates films are an example of this This was so prevalent that it became a trademark of Disneys films, and it is what made the movie such a popular one. Which was not helped by a recent lawsuit filed by The Lion King directorscreenwriter John Musker, who claims that Disney stole the concept for their own film The movie also had a bit of a Hip-Hop Fairy Godmother theme. The first and second songs were performed by Janet Jackson and John Legend, which was nice and all, but the third song, Im the Loving Kind, was performed by a woman on a hip-hop beat. When the song ended, the audience did the dance on stage, which included the lady in the hip-hop outfit doing the Im the Loving Kind hand gesture. Even though Walt Disney was not gay, or even.

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