Emma Roberts was charged with domestic abuse and assault when she allegedly bloodied the …

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Now who willHelp meGet startedFor the past few months, Ive been hearing a lot of talk about the new Nintendo NX, or whatever they decide to call this next home console. With only a few months left before its revealed, I know plenty of you are wondering if you should buy one. Im going to preface this by stating that I really like everything about the Nintendo NX so far. Its got a nice design, it runs great, and it has all the features youd want in a machine. Even some of the things I dont like, like having to use the ZL and ZR shoulder buttons, are minor inconveniences. One thing I like is being able to change game consoles and accessories while the machine is connected to the TV. In the video game industry, the term mod refers to modifying or changing hardware or design to suit a particular game or genre. Lets say youre playing a game on a console that has a single controller. You might have a small, bulky gamepad with a long barrel for left and right controls, a small joystick to press X, and a d-pad for the arrow keys. You might also have a mini USB to USB adapter to charge the mini controller. You could build a lot more on top of this if you wanted to customize the controller, but the general principle is the same. But what if you wanted to have the right control layout for a game requiring two, four, or even eight players at the same time. You might have an X-Box 360 controller on hand, or perhaps you could do a little modding on there too. But what about something like a Game Boy Advance. What if you wanted the original hardware controls or even the DS-style layout. When I first saw the concept of a NX, I wondered if such a thing was even possible or if there would be a cost. However, it wasnt a question of the hardware, it was a matter of the software. To start with, the NX is going to be a mobile gaming device, not unlike the 3DS. The hardware is going to be similar to the 3DS, which means its going to have a processor of some sort and a screen of some sort. With that in mind, it makes sense that there would be software for them. It would be like saying that a Wii U game console could play DS games without limitations because of its GameCube-style chip.

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