Emma Appleton was born in December 1991 in Oxford, England as …

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You chuckle and think to yourself Yeah, this is pretty interesting. M a twenty-eight year old from the beautiful town of Springfield, Massachusetts. Ve already gone over the limits of acceptable information at this point. Fair enough, no need to be prickly over that. I also happen to have a degree in biology from the prestigious University of Massachussets. I also studied at the Sorbonne in France where I also studied French and linguistics, because I love foreign languages. You then go on to list some other things about yourself that you think might interest Dr. Frankenstein, such as being a big fan of Doctor Who, and being a fan of the movie Hook. Ll grant you your anonymity back. Oh you want to see my real name first. You give the doctor your real name, your hometown and the picture of the monster that you saw as Jessica. Re going to kill me, I want to see this thing. S eyes light up at your answer. Name, birth certificate, social security card.

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