Em all like a pro with Fenty Beauty eyeshadow brushes…

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D think a bunch of fucking goths running around with a lot of spice brushes would be bad enough, but it gets worse. These brushes have been used in a way that would send an artist into cardiac arrest. And the worst part is there is no way of getting your money back. T even think that there would be ANY way of getting your money back. T sell the brushes or any of the other stuff you have. The only thing you can think of is to go to the Guild and try to get help from someone who knows more about this. Maybe even to try to get advice on what to do. Re at the Guild you might as well take advantage of those stupid paintings you own. S all used or if they know anything about it. You enter the Guild and ask where the paintings in your possession are. One depicts a giant snake swallowing a small dog. S probably some sort of painting by Salvador Dali. Ve got on my wall is a painting by Andy Warhol. S what you got on the wall, but I think the third one on the right is a painting by Andy Warhol. You point to the painting by Andy Warhol that still has an unfinished work in the background. S face remains blank as he points towards the painting. S face now lights up as he begins to chuckle. S some of his work hanging in my office.

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