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And then it almost becomes too much for both of you. After all, how many times have you sat in front of Elleebana ever since she landed on this planet. You ask them if theyd like to go for a walkWhile theyre still looking over your face with these bright and crazy looking eyes, you get up, take off your pants and lay down on your desk. While Elleebana doesnt exactly move to get up, she does pick up one of the bottles by the jar and opens it. She sticks her head out of the bottle and asks,Whats this. She looks surprised, but not too much to stop you, so you tell her theres an ancient recipe thatll do the trick for one hour. Its a simple process, but one you have to do anyway; you cant put off the deed any longer. Elleebana just nods and gets back into the bottle. While she does, you tell her to just stare at your face for a few minutes until she says shes ready to go. Elleebana gets up from the desk and you follow her out of the office and into the backyard where she tells you to start by laying on your back and pointing your nose in this direction and that. You lie there in the moonlight, staring at your pale skin and wondering how you got here. Elleebana sits on the edge of the swingset and points for you to go this way and that. Well, it is the day after a long, cold winter, you say. I dont see this as a cold winter, I see it as a spring. You sit together in the grass and watch the shadows move past. You keep looking until Elleebana finally asks, So whatre we gonna do now. She just smiles at you and stares into your eyes. Nobodys going to see you and itd be a waste not to go out and feel alive. So, here you are, lying out in the sun with the girl that had been your enemy. And then theres something even more sad.

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