Elizabeth Hurley: I Was Burnt Very Badly by Service Station Robbery

During a podcast interview with broadcaster Susannah Constantine, ‘The Royals’ actress opens up about the ‘real horror’ she felt when thieves took her hand luggage from her car.

AceShowbizElizabeth Hurley was “burnt very badly” after thieves stole luggage from her car at a service station last year (19).

The Royals” actress opened up about the incident during a chat with broadcaster Susannah Constantine on her podcast, admitting she’s still haunted by the robbery.

“Something really terrible happened last year,” she said. “It’s a real horror and I was burnt very badly by it. I parked my car at one of those big stations, the food court things, and went inside.”

“Came back, drove home – someone had opened my car and taken my hand luggage.”

Elizabeth added she keeps several significant items in her hand luggage, such as her laptop, charger and make-up bag.

As for how the thieves managed to get into her car, presenter Susannah said she has a theory – that they used transmitters which picked up the signal of her car keys to allow them to open the vehicle and take anything out.

“It’s a horror, it’s a real horror,” Susannah sighed. “When we started Googling it there were only three cars that they couldn’t transmit from…”

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