Eating disorders are known to be more common in people whose occupations involve …

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You look at Sam from under your lashes and say, I didnt even know about these. Do I have to tell them and theyll have to kick me out. Theyre not going to kick you out, but youre still going to have to go to a program. I should just start eating things I dont like. Youre about to walk away when Sam starts to get aggressive again. Youre already eating like a glutton and you think you have to go to a fucking program to change. You dont say anything, but you decide to respond. Sam, I dont think anyone here is a glutton. I mean, if youre not a glutton, youre not hungry. I used to enjoy a couple of fatty meals but I dont even like them anymore. I was so sick of eating them, I just gave up eating them completely. If I cant be a glutton, then I dont want to be a glutton for you. You dont argue, you just turn around and walk away. You go to your own programI dont want you to be a glutton either. Why shouldnt I be able to give you a life that will make you happy. Im going to the fucking program, and Im taking you with me. Sam, youre a disgusting human being who is a sick mockery of his species, and youre going to end up killing yourself. You say that like my decision isnt based in selfishness. If I cant be a human then I want to be a fucking elf. You grab Sam around the throat and yank him out of your arms.

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