Duration of Abdominal Stretching and Anesthesia

The patient’s condition determines the duration of tummy tuck surgeries and the type of anesthesia to be used. The factors that vary according to the method of the tummy tuck surgery, the general health condition of the patient, the rate of sagging and cracking of the skin in the abdominal area and the location, as well as the area where the fat deposits are concentrated, are the duration and anesthesia.

Anesthesia Type

First of all, the doctor must inform the patient himself and his relatives about these two factors. Anyway, one of the basic rules of performing the surgery is whether the general health condition of the patient will accept anesthesia. If the general condition of the patient is suitable for anesthesia, the second step is to determine the type of anesthesia. The factor that determines the type of anesthesia is the method to be used in surgery. It is fixed that in both methods of tummy tuck surgery, general anesthesia will be used to a great extent. The operation is not an easy operation and even the shortest duration is around an hour and a half. Although the patient will take various painkillers and sedatives along with local anesthesia, it is difficult to physically and psychologically lift a tummy tuck surgery with local anesthesia.

Duration of Operation

However, if the case is suitable and if this is the method deemed appropriate by the plastic surgeon, abdominoplasty surgery is performed by applying local anesthesia, albeit rarely. It may take three or four hours for the patient to recover after anesthesia. The second factor, which determines the duration, is the location of the problematic part of the abdomen. If the problems in the upper part of the belly button are considerable, a full tummy tuck is applied as a method and it is a method that takes three to four hours. The other option, mini abdominoplasty, is applied to the problems in the lower abdomen and the operation ends in about an hour and a half. In addition, vaser liposuction may be required in tummy tuck surgery. It is generally applied in patients who need shaping.


As a result, the method to be used in abdominoplasty is determined depending on the location of the image that spoils the aesthetics of the patient, and depending on this method, the type of anesthesia to be used in the surgery and the duration of the surgery are shared with the patient. The doctor and the patient agree on this issue and the operation process begins. The patient should know that the doctor is the right person to decide on the method selection. If he enters the operation knowing this, it is likely that he will have an uneventful surgical process.

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