Duggar Family Followers Suggest Anna Duggar Traveled to Florida and Away From the Other Duggars for Christmas

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  • Jana Duggar’s Instagram features a number of videos of the Duggar family’s Christmas celebration.
  • Duggar family critics think Josh Duggar’s wife, Anna Duggar, spent Christmas in Florida with her side of the family.
  • Josh Duggar and Anna Duggar are still married after his guilty verdict.

Josh Duggar’s trial ended with a guilty verdict in December 2021. And Josh Duggar’s wife, Anna Duggar, seemingly stood by Josh’s side through his April 2021 arrest and the allegations that followed. Since the arrest, Anna hasn’t posted much to social media, though. And it seems she also skipped the Duggar family’s Christmas celebration. Here’s why Duggar family followers suggest she went to Florida for the holidays.

Jana Duggar posted videos of the Duggar family’s Christmas celebration

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar seemingly invited the whole family to their huge Arkansas home for Christmas in 2021. While Josh Duggar’s trial could’ve put a damper on their Christmas celebration, photos and videos from Jana Duggar’s Instagram show the Duggar family in high spirits.

“’Twas the night before Christmas …,” Jana captioned her first post on Dec. 24, 2021. The post showed the huge Christmas tree in the Duggar family household along with the many decorations and gifts.

Then, on Dec. 27, 2021, Jana posted photos and videos of their holiday celebration. The first video featured a number of the younger Duggar kids opening gifts gleefully. The second video features a number of notable family members, like John and Abbie Duggar, Jessa Duggar, James Duggar, and Jed and Katie Duggar, along with all the kids. The final video posted by Jana shows the family playing Christmas tunes together with many violins, a harp, a cello, and a piano.

Duggar family critics think Josh Duggar’s wife, Anna Duggar, traveled to Florida for the holidays

The Duggar family’s Christmas celebration seemed to include most of the family. But Josh Duggar’s wife, Anna Duggar, appeared to be missing. In the comments of Jana Duggar’s Instagram videos, fans questioned why Anna didn’t attend the holiday with her seven children. And it seems some fans think Anna went to Florida for the end of the year.

“Where’s Anna??” one fan asked in the comments of the video of the Duggars playing music together.

“Her family is in Florida,” another fan responded. “Her kids, including the baby, are there.”

While some fans believe Anna visited her side of the family in Florida for the holidays, others thought they noticed some of Anna’s kids were seen in the videos Jana posted. This lead other Duggar family followers to believe Anna didn’t go to Florida at all and instead chose not to be on camera while attending the Duggar Christmas.

“I’m assuming she was there and just didn’t want to be on camera,” a follower on Reddit suggested. “I suppose it is possible she chose not to attend the gathering, but at least three of her kids were there.”

“My guess is that she’s likely present at just about any family gathering, but they’ve been (and will continue to be) careful to keep her off-camera for now,” another Reddit user wrote.

Are Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar still married following the trial and guilty verdict?

It’s unclear if Anna Duggar really did ditch the Duggar family for the holidays or if she simply didn’t want to be on-camera. And fans continue to wonder whether Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar are still married following Josh Duggar’s guilty verdict.

It seems Josh and Anna remain together as of now. The Duggars don’t believe in divorce, and Anna stuck by Josh’s side through his trial. Additionally, Josh and Anna weathered a number of public storms in the past. Anna stood by Josh after his molestation and cheating scandals years prior.

With that said, their relationship could certainly change once she hears Josh Duggar’s sentence. She has yet to speak to the media regarding her marriage post-trial.

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