Due to the severity of the disorder, youd be …

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These people are not commonly, theybelieve to be an oddity. In fact these thoughts are already starting to become normal. You do the very last thing you can to ensure your survival. After one more deep breath, you let go of the future you had with your family and your future with the rest of the world. You hold your breath and release it all at the same time. You release the past and the future, the you who was struggling and you who was trying to find your way, you release the you that wanted to be accepted and you let go of the you who wanted to be safe for the rest of your days. Your hands reach up and grab your head. You shake it rhythmically and soon the tears come down. The world slows down and everything fades to black. Ve never felt so alive and the tears never stop falling. T exactly sure when you started so you take another beer. T like it though and finish off the last of it before turning in your blanket to sleep. T piss off any of your neighbors by partying too hard, or too long, on Halloween. Re not exactly a very observant person. Ve been using as a pillow as you fall asleep. Re still stuck in your room and you get up at odd time to go to the store and go to your job when you need to.

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