Duchess Meghan wore Celine for the first medal-event of the Invictus Games

Here are photos of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on Saturday, ahead of the official opening ceremony for the Invictus Games later this evening. They are watching the Land Rover Challenge in these photos. Harry wore his normal going-to-Invictus-events gear, meaning comfortable pants and a black Invictus polo (he looks great in black). They looked so happy and FREE.

Meghan wore Chanel ballerina flats, a Celine blazer and she carried a rich-lady Celine purse. The jeans are, according to internet sleuths, likely from Moussy. The jeans are very 2006, to me. Like, I remember when Katie Holmes wore jeans which looked just like this and that was when she was with Tom Cruise. Back then, they were called “boyfriend jeans” and you were supposed to roll the cuff, which is what Meghan is doing. I like the fitted white t-shirt though, and the Celine cropped blazer is… very rich-lady-in-Montecito. Those gold buttons though… lmao. How long before the Daily Mail writes a story about how Meghan is sending conciliatory signals to Kate through the wearing of giant gold buttons? CANNOT WAIT!

The first medals of the Invictus Games were handed out here, with this Land Rover Challenge. France won gold! Harry also rode shotgun with the British team.

Updated with even more photos from this event!

— Omid Scobie (@scobie) April 16, 2022

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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