Duchess Kate isnt worried about The Crown: Her image is perfect

One of the things I sort of enjoyed about The Crown’s introduction for Lady Diana Spencer is that they showed that Prince Charles dated Diana’s older sister first, and they showed Diana approaching Charles shortly after Lord Mountbatten’s assassination, which is what really happened. The thing about The Crown introducing Kate Middleton in the sixth season is that no one knows when Kate first threw herself in Prince William’s path. We’re all familiar with the “friends at university, then Kate got his attention by strutting down the catwalk in a see-through dress” story. But most biographers say that Kate met William before university, likely when she was at Marlborough College and William was at Eton. They had likely met before she decided to stalk him around the world on his gap year too. She also changed universities because she wanted to throw herself into his path even harder. I bring all of this up because some dude says Kate “won’t worry” about her portrayal on The Crown. Girl, I don’t know…

Kate Middleton ‘wont’ worry’ about her character being cast in The Crown because her ‘image is perfect’, a former royal butler has claimed.

Netflix producers are reportedly on the hunt for a ‘stunning’ actress who can play a young Duchess of Cambridge in the sixth season of the historical drama. And while The Firm may be wary about the show, which has been known to bending facts to suit its narrative, Kate, now 40, ‘doesn’t have much to worry about’, Grant Harrold claims.

Grant, who worked as a butler for Prince Charles 2004 to 2011 told OK! magazine: ‘Kate doesn’t have much to worry about, her PR and image is perfect. There is nothing not perfect about her.

‘At the end of the day, it’s PR. Some bits are historical and some bits are drama – the palace has always been keen to remind people it is drama. It will be positive. So they may well see it as good PR. There will be an interest for them and she is likely to come face to face with the actress that plays her at some point at an event.

[From The Daily Mail]

Because every day at the palace is Opposite Day, methinks Camp Middleton is slightly worried that they’re about to become the undercover villains of The Crown’s Season 6. Can you even imagine if they cast someone as Carole Middleton? That’s an almost Shakespearean role at this point. And what if The Crown edges up to the actual history and not the sugary cover story? That Kate changed universities, that she tried to follow William around on his gap year, that she and her mother made a big plan to catch a prince? LMAO, suddenly Prince Charles is going to have Middleton backup when he starts campaigning against Netflix later this year.

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