Dua Lipa, Once Again, Wore Underwear As An Accessory and 100% Nailed It

Welcome back, friends! Thank you for joining me! It’s time to participate in one of my absolute favorite parts of my job: overanalyzing photos of Dua Lipa in a thong. 😄

If you’ve read any of my previous undergarment dissertations, you already know that I am quite literally *living* for this lingerie-focused moment in fashion—as fashion is my lifeblood. And my girl Dua has just supplied the content I desperately crave.

Yesterday, she shared a photo dump featuring a whoooole lot of lewk. The pop star hit right in that sweet spot between sexy and grunge (the place where I reside) by coupling a baggy, low-rise jeans and a Gucci x Balenciaga army jacket with a waist-hugging belly chain and a black lace thong.

What I wouldn’t do to see a full-body shot of this outfit…

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